To maximize yields for the crop you wish to grow, Botanicoir offers grow bags in a variety of sizes and mixes. Each mix has slightly different ratio of cocopeat fiber, pith, dust and coco chips to best provide (AFP) Air Filled Porosity for the desired crop.

Botanicoir Aqua offers a higher water content in the slab for crops that thrive in a wetter environment. Designed to encourage healthy roots and uniform plant growth, Botanicoir Aqua also provides effective water and nutrient holding capacity. This slab is blended keeping in mind crops that need more water or for crops growing in warm to hot climates. Ideal for cucumber production.



Botanicoir Mist offers a somewhat higher water content in the slab and free drainage. Botanicoir Mist is designed to encourage healthy root growth, uniform plants and flexibility with regards to particular crop requirements, local climate and grower preference. It allows for both vegetative and generative growth. Ideal for eggplant production.

Botanicoir Breeze is good for a dry growing environment with a flexible water holding capacity to enable maximum crop steering in a range of climates.  The incorporated husk chips encourage free drainage and promote generative growth in the plants from a young age.   Ideal for tomato production.

Botanicoir Dry has been designed to encourage generative growing in crops that need a drier substrate to promote healthy growth.  This slab has a very high air-fill porosity and gives the grower the ability to steer the crops as they see fit.  A mix of more husk chips, but still with smaller particles to help the younger plants, but designed with exceptionally high drainage.  Ideal for pepper production.

Botanicoir Precision Plus is specifically designed with the plant and grower in mind.  The coir is washed and buffered to a very high standard.  This provides for the best environment for young plants to promote growth.  The Precision Plus design has a graded particle size and optimum buffering level which promotes healthy root growth, uniform plant growth and optimizing water retention and drainage.  Precision Plus has very good drainage and air-fill porosity as well as industry leading water and nutrient holding capacity.   Precision Plus also has excellent structural integrity and longevity of unit production.  Precision Plus is ideal for strawberry production.


The above referenced grow bag slabs have been designed with the grower and crop needs in mind.  Please contact for pricing and delivery quotes.  We do have some grow bags in stock and can offer quick delivery options if inventory is available.

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Botanicoir cocopeat offers a variety of benefits to the grower:

  • Optimizes water use
  • Increases yield and crop quality
  • Available in a variety of economical forms
  • pH is 5.4 - 6.8 range
  • Cocopeat holds 9 times its own volume
  • More ecologically friendly than peat moss and other “non-renewable” alternative substrates.

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