Botanicoir Coir Fiber Products

Doublethumb Growing Solutions distributes Botanicoir Grow Bags which are available in a variety of mixes to suit different crop requirements. These coir slabs have different particle sizes for crop-specific coir blends to suit varying needs with regards to rooting, moisture levels, nutrient requirement and climate.  After manufacturing coir fiber products for over 10 years, Botanicoir has specialized in determining optimum fiber content; which affects water movement and fine material; which adjusts water retention.  Each coir product is designed specifically with the crop in mind, focusing on the needs for excellent drainage, air-fill porosity and water/nutrient holding capacity along with long-lasting structural integrity of the slab.

Botanicoir sets a high standard and has strict production procedures for the quality and handling of the coir  This insures that the end product that growers use for crop production provides optimum performance.


  • Botanicoir coir fiber products are all washed with spring water, put through sunlight sterilization, screened and compressed prior to distribution.
  • Some of Botanicoir products are buffered with calcium nitrate, then washed.
  • Grow bags expand vertically, eliminating the common “corner effect” that can limit production in other hydroponic grow bags.
  • Choose from a variety of mixes, types and sizes to suit different crop requirements. Easy to handle, lightweight in compressed form and easy to re-hydrate without the expensive additions of wetting agents.
  • Available in a plant-safe, nontoxic poly vinyl wrap or in unwrapped (“naked”) form. Plant transplant holes and water application schemes can be designed according to grower specifications. Drainage holes can also be designed to meet each grower’s needs.
  • Can also be delivered sealed, with no plant, irrigation or drainage hole preparation. If you have specific needs for special pH buffering or extra washed needs of growth medium, we can provide it by special order.

We’re always willing to share our expertise and experience using hydroponic grow bags to help you maximize your crop’s potential.

Botanicoir cocopeat offers a variety of benefits to the grower:

  • Optimizes water use
  • Increases yield and crop quality
  • Available in a variety of economical forms
  • pH is 5.4 - 6.8 range
  • Cocopeat holds 9 times its own volume
  • More ecologically friendly than peat moss and other “non-renewable” alternative substrates.

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