In the Classroom

In the Classroom

The Doublethumb “Intro to Agriculture” program provides teachers and students with all of the tools necessary for a successful “first farming” experience.

From hydroponic growing systems to irrigation and fertilization tools, this program will educate and excite school-aged children about the limitless possibilities of planting and growing their very own crops.The self-contained grow bags and landscape fabric creates a safe, clean and visually stimulating area for students to have a hands-on agricultural experience. The fertilizer system, irrigation package and timer system make successful crops as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

The final product is a beautiful garden that will make students, teachers and parents proud. Additionally,kids who grow their own fruits and vegetables are more likely to eat them … bonus – healthy, happy students!

Every aspect of the Doublethumb “Intro to Agriculture” program is environmentally friendly and sustainable. The substrate used in Doublethumb grow bags is cocopeat fiber – available in several different containerized systems. Cocopeat fiber can be used for a minimum of three years or seasons.





Botanicoir cocopeat offers a variety of benefits to the grower:

  • Optimizes water use
  • Increases yield and crop quality
  • Available in a variety of economical forms
  • pH is 5.4 - 6.8 range
  • Cocopeat holds 9 times its own volume
  • More ecologically friendly than peat moss and other “non-renewable” alternative substrates.

“We’re growers
– just like you.”

“My husband, Bruce Templeton, is a third generation citrus grove owner in Lake Wales, Florida. Like all farmers, we have been actively looking for alternative sources of income to diversify our crops. In the fall of 2009, we began working with the University of Florida/IFAS program growing strawberries using ...